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The 8th China(Guangzhou) Int’l Integrated Housing Industry Expo To Be Held in May in Guangzhou

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2016-01-25 14:01:00
Pictured as experts made keynote speeches about the development of housing industry in China  Press Conference of the 8th China(Guangzhou) Int’l Integrated Housing Industry Expo(CIHIE2016) and 2016 Asia-pacific Construction
Pictured as experts made keynote speeches about the development of housing industry in China 
Press Conference of the 8th China(Guangzhou) Int’l Integrated Housing Industry Expo(CIHIE2016) and 2016 Asia-pacific Construction Technology Forum was held in Guangzhou on January 14th, 2016. Besides, the Organizing Committee officially announced the curtain time and venue as well as the breeze investment and preparation progress of CIHIE2016. Distinguished guests attended and wish a bright future of the expo and made keynote speeches about the present situation and future trend of fabricated housing industry in China.
In the first half of the Forum, 2015 Annual Meeting of The Civil Engineering and Agricultural Society of Guangdong was held and Jiang Zhengrong, vice chairman of The Civil Engineering and Agricultural Society and associate professor of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation of South China University of Technology delivered welcome speech on site. In addition, Wang Dengyun, president of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, the sponsor, made his speech and expressed his thanks to on site guests and media. Wang indicated that Grandeur International Exhibition Group will spare no efforts to give full play to its advantages, integrate resources and provide an efficient and professional trading platform with the assistance of associations, insiders and media. 
Followed by the 2015 annual working summary and 2016 work plan made by Wang Shitong, chairman of The Civil Engineering and Agricultural Society and professor of South China University of Technology. What is more, Wang explained the general, terms, symbols, materials and others of the Design Regulation of Steel Structure and explain the industry standards in details.
Dang Baowei, president of China Construction Metal Structure Association, stated the inevitability of innovative and trend development of steel structure with speech themed “Adjust To New Normal, Promote Innovative Development of Steel Industry”, providing some experience and pointing out the development direction of industry development. 
Shu Wei, senior engineer of Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd., emphasized the importance of innovation and breakthrough of green steel structure, which provided a practicable and useful reference for practitioners of steel structure industry. 
Sun Xudong, senior engineer of Baosteel Construction System Integration Co., Ltd., expounded the superiority and feasibility of steel structure housing themed by “Industrialization of Fabricated Steel Structure Housing”. 
Xu Xueqin, vice president of Green Building Systems(Guangdong) Co., Ltd., demonstrated a set of clear and practicable solutions for wall maintenance of super high rise steel structure building and was unanimously approved.
Guo Qing, vice president of Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Co., Ltd. and general manager of Steel Structure Division, gave a speech aimed at “Innovation & Practice of Southeast Space Frame Steel Structure Green Building Integration System”, elaborated the scientificity and rationality of green building integration system and the innovation and practice of foreign contracted projects.Liu Yanjun, vice-president of integrated building design and research institute of Changjiang & Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co., Ltd., illuminated the theory of GBS steel structure integrated building and listed some achievements in practice. Moreover, he also encouraged practitioners to seize opportunities and improve applications and innovative resources so as to achieve the strategy transformation from “construct steel structure” to “steel structure construction”. 
Ma Bin, sales director of Qingyuan East Steel Industry Co., Ltd., made field spreading of the latest steel structure products and introduced the most advanced technology and craft of steel structure industry. 
Chen Huanyi, principal of CIHIE2016, reviewed the the development of CIHIE and and made detailed report from aspects of background, industry status, market, highlights of the exhibition, organizers’ powers, effect of last sessions and more, elaborated the exhibition values of society, economy and commerce. What is more, he also made a brief introduction of the concurrent event, 2016 Asia-pacific Construction Technology Forum, which themed “Green Impels Development, Innovation Guides Future” and will gather renowned industry masters from China, Korea, Japan, America, Australia and so forth. In addition, latest industry information were shared through analyzing cases, professional seminars, interaction, communication and more. 
Chen Yalin, overseas marketing promotion specialist of CIHIE2016, made an in-depth report of her international promotion work from aspects of international supporting institutes, media, purchasers, follow-up feedback and more, introduced the latest and most comprehensive information and trend of housing industry, perfectly represented the strength of CIHIE2016.
Additionally, nine experts and representatives of enterprises participated in the Forum discussion and made speeches and suggestions such as “Application of Single Ply Roofing System Technology in Steel Structure Buildings”, “Current Trends & Issues of Fabricated Steel Structure Development At Home and Abroad”, “Supporting System of Fabricated Steel Structure Development At Home” and more, which benefited all the attendees. 
Besides, Guangdong Provincial Society of Steel Construction issued certificated and awards in order to encourage practitioners to improve their designs and construction and propel the great-leap-forward development of housing industry.  
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