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In 2016: Brand Upgrading of Chinese Waterproof Material

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In 2016: Brand Upgrading of Chinese Waterproof Material    Waterproof materials in 2016: towards brand marketing nor the price marketing  The waterproof material enterprises all had intense competition on the pr
In 2016: Brand Upgrading of Chinese Waterproof Material 
Waterproof materials in 2016: towards brand marketing nor the price marketing 
The waterproof material enterprises all had intense competition on the price marketing in 2015. Some enterprises of manufacturing raw material switched into waterproof material industry and offered a rather low price while some of old companies moved to process for many waterproof material enterprises at a lower price. Even some of them expanded price marketing to dominate the market with lower price. In this destructive market competition, it is obvious that the majority of the enterprises would suffer a great loss and stuck in the dead-end, disordered market.
Price marketing is a vicious competition mode that the sellers adopts to occupy the market, especially in the building waterproof material industry, some powerful waterproof enterprises would choose small profits but quick turnover practice to strike their competitors. To some extent, some of them might take dumping practice to sell products at prices below the production cost with the aim of achieving a monopoly market and oligopoly market.
In other case, some new waterproof material manufacturers blindly lower the price so as to take over the market. Undoubtedly, price marketing is double-edged, which is unfavorable to each side. Hence, to have substantial presence in the waterproof market, it is high time to take brand marketing as the best method instead of taking the destructive price marketing.
Beef up the sound development of waterproof market without price marketing
Price marketing indeed is not favored by the consumers in this modern age. It is investigated that 65% of netizen prefer for moderate price, 20% of them prefer for the after-sale service while 15% for waterproof brand when choosing the building waterproof material. Based on the statistics, it is because of the low-level malignant price competition for a long time and the price marketing that the the market has shaped the market price. Even though a lower price is much more inclined to overwhelm the consumers, the poor quality of products always discontents the consumers. And a large number of netizen have criticized that online because the uncertainty of waterproof enterprises results in the distrust of consumers. Most of consumers are often at the expense of accompanying service nor the pleasure of life with high-end waterproof products while preferring the products in a lower price.
A head of a waterproof enterprise holds the opinion that the waterproof products of workshops are prone to trigger the disputes and conflicts that are hard to resolve. The current quality or service of products is difficult to satisfy the quality pursuit of the customers. On the long-term development, price marketing is unfavorable to the sound development of building waterproof market. On the contrary, the brand waterproof products have enormous market potential for growth in future.
Enter into industrial brand era, attract consumers with the honesty
In the speedy development age, user experience has been maximizing the value of product for recent years. And the building waterproof material industry is also in line with the trend. In this circumstance, how to better serve the consumer is the development standpoint of waterproof material enterprises. In 2016, the important task for the building waterproof enterprises is to turn the price marketing to brand marketing. It is imperative to expand the brand construction during the transition period of waterproof material enterprises. When talking about the brand, actually it means to get the trust of consumers.
In the era of brand, trust is the base of brand while brand indeed is the life of enterprise, so to speak, the power of brand is unattainable without the consumers’ trust, let alone the sustainable development of the waterproof enterprises. However, it is hard to build trust but easy to destroy it. So it is necessary to pay attention to build the trust and strengthen it, as well as maintain the brand value.
Since it is so difficult to build the trust, the waterproof enterprises are supposed to take much more time and efforts to intensify the mutual trust by restraining their marketing action. While stressing on the trust and enhancing their ability on value creation and value transmission, the the enterprises could satisfy the consumers. In this way, the waterproof enterprises can intensify their brands power in each trade and speed up the next trade cooperation. Over time, the building waterproof enterprises are possible to develop the customers into their cooperation partners. On the basis of ongoing development, it is possible to make great achievement and make a bigger, stronger company. 
Waterproofing is an essential aspect of construction. In the last few years, under the rapid development of the domestic construction market, China’s waterproofing industry has made significant strides. However, compared with oversea advanced enterprises, China’s waterproofing companies are lacking innovative ability, which results in homogenized products and compromised competitiveness in the global market, and they are usually of small or middle scale, dispersed in all parts of China. These disadvantages have long put a crimp in the development of China’s waterproofing industry.
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